Studies have shown that not enough people truly understand and/or accept the statement:


‘This is George’ aims to surprise, awaken and educate people about the issue.

It is our vision that our simple story of George and a sunflower will communicate the reality of climate
change by helping to reinvigorate people’s connection to natural things and remind them that we’re all
in this together (even the sunflowers!)


The group of people behind ‘This is George’ are a group of amateur thinkers, producers, designers,
animators and artists who do not belong to any organisation. We formed an organic, collaborative
yet very dedicated group.  All members of the team worked, most in full-time employment, while
completing the project over four weeks.

Although the group started with a core team of (4) individuals (Sally, Peter, Jess & Georgia) driving
the vision and aims of this project, we have since grown organically into a collective of 15 collaborators
working mostly remotely. Each person involved has contributed something unique to the project, all
under the expansive vision and creative direction of the core team. See how we did it.

The following people were engaged on the project:

Sally Hill – Director, Producer and Writer
Peter Bjerregaard – Writer
Yvonne Lee – Digital Producer
Jessica Leonard – Graphic Designer
Georgia Hill – Typographer & Illustrator
Mikel Longa – Graphic Designer
Marianne Elliott – Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Bart Elsmore – Sound Editor

Adrien Girault – Animator
Ai Ikeda – Animator
Monique O’Halloran – Animator
Gabriel Virata – Animator
Duncan Underwood – Voice Talent
Doug McLean – Voice Talent
Marko Iljadica – Photo Talent
Sunflower, Harris Farm – Photo Talent