August 2011 Sally and Peter discover the Minor Foundation for Major Challenges
‘Communicating Climate Change through Visuals’ Competition. They are passionate
about the issue of climate change and decide to enter. The idea for ‘This is George’
pops out of Peter’s head!

• We submit our entry to the Foundation with the support of our artistically gifted
friends Jess and Georgia.

 October 2011 We discover that our script has been selected as one of the top 3
entries and we celebrate!

• Then we realise we have 4 weeks to make our first ever animation – uh-oh.

 November 2011 The group of people behind ‘This is George’ forms. We quickly
formed a strong team, united around a common purpose and a belief in the aims
of the project.

• The idea of ‘This is George’ is further developed. We developed creative principles
and visual references, and determine exactly what we wish to communicate. These
ideas become our guides throughout the whole process.

• We harness the team’s talents in writing, production, illustration, typography,
graphic design, project management and animation and plan our attack to meet
the looming deadline. We work our bottoms off.

• Sometimes we nearly run out of steam. Then we remember that we need to stop
climate change as soon as we can. It’s amazing how strong heart strings can be
when they are needed to hold something together.

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